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  • HEXA-GONE™ Extra Strong Metal hexagrid fence roll, 7.5 x 100 ft, pvc coated, black, 1-inch mesh of 20-ga. steel

    Metal Hex Deer Fencing, 7.5x100 Ft Roll: Strong, Reliable: Learn More
    • Product ID: 14-14
    • For those who want an extra-strong version of metal hexagrid fencing, this is the one for you. No more visible than the regular product (14-11), its wires are more heavily galvanized and made of stronger steel to provide a breaking strength of 1,250+ pounds per linear foot and an estimated life of 30+ years. Like our regular metal hexagrid product, its lower reaches are invulnerable to woodchucks, rabbits, dogs, and deer; it can take repeated blows to its mid-section; and, should jumping occur, it can be augmented with a standard accessory that ends the jumping problem. Expected life 30+ years. Very low visibility, elegant appearance. 7.5 x 100 feet, single roll.

      Our Price: $299.95
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