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Elk and Large Animal Fencing


We offer fencing to keep out elk and other large non-climbing animals in 6 and 8 foot heights. Referring specifically to elk, they will rarely leap a 6-fot fence just to get to browse; but for those who want to keep them out with a taller fence we have it.

The main product used to keep out elk is classic welded wire fencing. Ours is made of 14-gauge steel wires coated with black pvc for reduced visibility. Another product, recently introduced by Tenax, is super-strong polypropylene fencing. Both of these products will keep out elk and many other large animals so long as they are supported by suitably strong posts spaced 8 to 10 feet apart. The polypropylene product is less expensive than the welded wire, but both are priced affordably with discounts for volume purchases.

Welded Wire Elk and Large Animal Fencing

Welded wire fencing is a proven tool for containing or excluding large animals. The rolls we offer consist of a rectangular mesh of 14-gauge galvanized steel wires coated with black pvc. In the 6-foot rolls this mesh is 1.5 inches wide x 4 inches high, while in the 8-foot rolls it is 2 inches wide x 4 inches high. Virtually indestructible and chew-proof, it has an expected life of better than 20 years. For 2, 3, and 4-foot rolls see swimming pool fencing and our dog fence website’s (dog fencing and digging barrier pages).

Please note that this fencing is not designed for high-tensile use. This has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that one does not need to use expensive braces and other gear to counter the sideways stress placed upon a high-tensile fence. The disadvantage is that the top of the fencing can appear a bit wobbly. To reduce this, it is useful to place a length of tie wire at the top of the fence (see top support lines).

In general, one should treat this fencing as a heavy, super-strong metal hexagrid fencing that is more visible than metal hex but also better able to cope with elk and large deer populations. In general, use the same gear that one would used to install metal hexagrid fencing (see Plan Your Own Deer Fence), keeping in mind that for heavier and more challenging animals one needs to use suitably heavy posts and keep the post spacing relatively close.    



Polypropylene Elk and Large Animal Fencing


Tenax Elk and Large Animal Fencing is the strongest animal control poly fencing available anywhere. With 210 grams of polypropylene per square meter and a tested breaking strength of 1400 pounds per linear foot, it is well-suited to dealing with challenging elk and deer problems. This fencing has a relatively small mesh size, 1.06 x 1.46 inches, and is relatively visible and expensive compared to the other poly deer fence grades and also to metal hexagrid fencing. However, in terms of performance and expected life this the best polypropylene elk and deer fencing money can buy. Available in 6 and 8 foot heights.

Plan on hanging this fencing very much like other types of polypropylenefencing (see Plan Your Own Fence), with the understanding that there is no bottom fold, and that larger and more challenging animals require suitably heavy posts and close post spacing.

8 Foot Height

6 Foot Height


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