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Deer fence installation: Installing an angle-iron post



An angle-iron post

Angle-iron Posts

These posts provide suitable support for polypropylene deer fencing. If alternated with our round metal posts they also provide adequate support for metal hexagrid deer fencing. These posts are suited to any type of soil; use the 8-footers for 6-foot fences (a less than ideal height for deer fences); use the 9-footers for a 7-foot deer fence on ordinary soil; and use the 10-footers for taller deer fences or 7-foot fences on loose or sandy soil. Where the soil is hard or rocky it may be helpful to use a digging bar in addition to a manual post driver to get them in.

These posts have black, 12-gauge 1.25-inch sides at 90 degrees to one another, with holes located along one side at 2-inch intervals. They do need periodic inspection for rust and touching up with rust-preventive paint. They are made of high-carbon rail steel and are able to absorb an impact of 50,000 pounds per square inch without breaking, so they provide more strength per unit of weight than the average steel posts used for fences. Plan on spacing them 20 feet apart on poly fences where snow loads and falling tree branches are not an issue. Otherwise, space them 10 to 15 feet apart, with the spacing depending on the severity of the conditions.

9 Foot Angle-iron Posts

10 Foot Angle-iron Posts

Ten foot angle-iron posts are well suited to loose soils and to supporting 8-foot fences. However, try to avoid them, especially if your project is small. That's because unlike virtually all our other products, which ship free, these 10-foot posts do not ship free and can incur heavy freight charges. In most cases you will be better off using more closely spaced 9-foot posts (for 7-foot fences in loose soil) or round metal posts with drive sleeves (for 7, 7.5, or 8 foot fences), all of which ship free.

Other Lengths

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