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Post Driver for Installing Deer Fence Posts

Manual Post Driver

If you are not using drive sleeves, drive your posts into the ground with our manual post driver. No tall ladder is needed. Just bring over one of those little two-step affairs used to move dishes around in the pantry. Slide the driver's open end over one end of your post, and put the post's other end where you want it to enter the ground. Get up a step or two on your two-stepper, raise the post driver a bit, and let it drop. This will typically drive the post several inches into the ground. Repeat the process until the post is at the desired depth. To deal with rocks or roots in the ground use a digging bar (see below) to prepare the path for the post. Also, here's a safety tip: In general the post driver is very safe. However, if someone is assisting by holding the post as it is driven, be sure their hands are out of reach of the descending driver, because the driver can seriously damage hands.


A deer fence digging bar for preparing post holes

Digging Bar

This 4-foot bar excels at making holes up to 2 feet deep. So use it anywhere with rocks or roots to prove that your post has a clear path downward. Just push or tap the bar into the ground a few inches, rotate it, push or tap it further down, and repeat the process until it is at the desired depth. Then remove it, insert the post, and apply the manual post driver.

Video: Installing Round Deer Fence Posts using a Digging Bar

4 Ft Digging Bar for Deer Fence and Other Posts: Learn More
Prod. ID: 15-03PB
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1 - 4 $32.95
5 - 9 $31.30
10+ $29.66


A deer fence drive cap for installing posts with drive sleeves

Drive Cap

If you are using round posts with drive sleeves, put a drive cap on top of the sleeve before driving it down with a sledge hammer. The drive cap really takes a beating, so get one for every 20 or so posts to be installed.

Video: Installing Round Deer Fence Posts Using a Drive Cap

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