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  A deer fence brace band

Brace Bands for Round Metal Posts

To keep polypropylene and metal hexagrid deer fencing from sliding down round posts, put a brace band at the top of each post with its tips pointing outward toward the deer, and use the nut and bolt that come with it to tighten it on the post. Then secure the brace band to your fencing with a zip-lock tie, passing the tie under the bolt, around the top of the fencing, and also around any monofilament line that is being used. To see brace bands in use, go to videos 2, 7, and 8 in our series of installation videos. For all 1-5/8 inch posts (all the round posts we sell, and also the support posts that come in our access gate kits) get 1-5/8 inch brace bands. Get the 2-1/2 inch bands only for the support posts that come in our one-leaf and two-leaf driveway gate kits.

Drive Sleeves and Caps

  A deer fence drive sleeve, post caps, and sleeve cap

Should you need an extra 2.5-foot drive sleeve or a flat vinyl post cap for any reason, you can purchase these individually (see items 15-14 and 15-16 below). To view installation of a drive sleeve, view video 3 of our installation videos.

Should you wish to remove your posts from their drive sleeves periodically, it is convenient to have vinyl plugs that fit onto the tops of the sleeves, to prevent water and debris from getting inside the sleeves. These plugs are similar to our vinyl post caps but larger.


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