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Deer fence installation: Using a digging bar to prepare a post hole


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The most important post accessory, if you need it, is a bracing system. We offer two kinds, earth anchor systems and post-based systems. Both systems counter sideways stress caused by snow loads, falling tree limbs, and occasionally by charging deer. Other lesser post accessories include brace bands, post sleeves, post caps, and seasonal caps for post sleeves. We also offer three basic post tools--a manual post driver, a digging bar, and a drive cap--all of which have established roles in deer fence installation.


Diagram of an earth anchor in position at a fence corner

Earth anchors are the best (most effective, least costly, and least visible) way of anchoring your deer fence against sideways stress caused by snow, falling branches, deer impacts, or the weight of the fence itself. 

Plan on using two earth anchors per corner, one per end, and two per gate. For every eight earth anchors you will need one roll of 12.5 gauge wire (02-07HT1) for attaching the installed earth anchors to the tops of their respective posts. 

Earth Anchors at Corners: When using 2 earth anchors per corner, bring in your corner approach posts and install them roughly 10 feet away from the corner post. Set each of them in a cement footing. Then screw each anchor in right along the fence line (at about a 45 degree angle) as shown in the drawing above, proceeding from the corner approach post toward the corner post, and attach the earth anchor's handle to the top of the corner approach post with 12.5-gauge high-tensile wire (product 02-07HT1). Leave the corner post without a cement footing.

One can use a single earth anchor per corner by attaching it to the corner post and putting the corner post in a cement footing; but in that case the anchor's attachment wire goes outside the fence line, creating a possible hazard (people can run into it) and getting in the way of lawnmowers and other gear. Since earth anchors are not expensive, it makes sense to use two per corner in most cases.

However, if one or more sides of the fence are very short, then the 10-foot span between the corner approach post and the corner post becomes significant, and the 2-anchor arrangement described above may wind up anchoring little or no fencing. In that case one may wish to consider using 1 anchor per corner (as just described) or corner brace posts with angled supports. Or else, in the case of  short fences unlikely to be impacted by snow, falling tree limbs, or a large deer population, one may also consider eliminating bracing altogether.

To learn more about installing earth anchors, go to our written installation instructions, Installing Earth Anchors, or watch our video on Installing Earth Anchors below.

Video: Installing Earth Anchors



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