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monofilament line for use with deer fencies      A gripple     hog ring stapler for use with deer fences     stainless steel zip-lock ties     ground stakes used to secure deer fences     deer fence with warning flags attached


Imagine your deer fence as a series of picture frames, each frame defined by its two side posts. The products listed here secure the fence by attaching the fencing to the frame. At the top, for all those fences that need it, goes top support tie wire or monofilament line with terminators and tensioners, as well as  circular (hog ring) staples for attaching this top support line to the fencing. Then at the side come U-nails or zip-lock ties for attaching the fencing to trees, wood posts, or metal posts. At the bottom come ground stakes for securing a bottom fold of the fencing material to the ground. And in the center go temporary warning flags to ensure the deer get the picture, seen the fence, and don't charge it.




monofilament line used to support deer fencing               Steel tie wire suitable for use on deer fences


All metal hexagrid fences need these, as do all poly fences where falling tree limbs could strike the fence or where the length of the fence exceeds 500 feet. Get our 13.5-gauge pvc-coated steel tie wire for fences that are short or curving, monofilament line for long fences that run straight. Use the 8-gauge monofilament line for metal hexagrid fences and the 12-gauge monofilament line for poly fences.

Nylon Monofilament Line (Black) for Poly Fences:

Nylon Monofilament Line (Black) for Metal Hexagrid Fences:


Black PVC-coated Steel Tie Wire for Poly and Metal Hexagrid Fences:

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