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A roll of polyprpylene deer fencing            A round deer fence post with a drive sleeve     A deer fence access gate

Catalog Introduction

We take pride in having the best, most complete, and most effective set of deer fence products anywhere.We also provide lots of information about those products. However, we don't want to clutter up our Product pages with an overdose of background information, so you'll find that much of this information has been placed elsewhere. Specifically, if you're planning or even just considering a deer fence and don't yet know just what you want, we suggest you go to our "Information" page and briefly browse our "Deer Fence Facts," "Options" and "Planning" sections. Then come back here and assemble your supplies.

A brief guide to this catalog:

  • Deer Fence Rolls: We offer polypropylene, metal hexagrid, and welded wire fencing. The polypropylene fencing is less expensive while the metal hexagrid fencing is less visible, stronger, longer-lasting, and more effective. The welded wire fencing, used mostly to stave off elk or create dog and swimming pool fences, is even stronger but also more visible and less accepting of grade changes. Perhaps because it's been around longer, the poly fencing comes in many grades. All the ones we carry are professional grades that will do the deer and elk exclusion jobs described.

  • Deer Fence Posts: We sell angle-iron (steel) posts, round metal posts, and round metal posts with drive sleeves.  All these posts are black, the angle-iron posts having a powder-coat finish and the round posts being galvanized and coated with black pvc. We also carry post extenders.

  • Post Accessories and Tools: These pages provide two kinds of deer fence bracing systems (earth anchors and corner/end/gate braces) as well as smaller round post accessories (brace bands, drive sleeves, caps for posts, and seasonal caps for sleeves). they also offer three post tools -- a manual post driver, digging bar, and drive cap -- all of which have established roles in deer fence installation.

  • Gates and Grates: We have gates for virtually all deer fences -- gates for standard 7-foot fences as well as for fences 6 to 8 feet tall. These gates include "access gates 3 to 7 feet wide for people, lawnmowers, and rototillers; one-leaf driveway gates 8 to 14 feet wide for vehicles; and more expensive two-leaf driveway gates 8 to 16 feet wide. We also coordinate the production and supply of costly "deer grates" that are placed across driveway entrances to keep out deer.

  • Other Products: Most deer fences need top lines for support and some also use reinforcing lines through their mid-sections. Both nylon monofilament line and pvc-coated metal tie wire perform this task, and we provide both types. We also supply special terminators and tighteners for managing the monofilament line; hog ring staplers and staples for attaching these top lines to the fencing; U-nails and zip-lock ties for attaching the fencing to wooden and metal posts; ground stakes for securing the fencing to the ground; and warning flags for alerting deer to the fact that a new deer fence has been installed.


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