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A sapling eaten by deer

A driveway grate used with deer fences to keep out deer

Driveway Grates to Keep Out Deer

Deer grates, mostly derived from the cattle guards long used on ranches, allow your driveway to stay open while keeping out the deer. They do this by placing a massive grate in the ground that deer generally will not or cannot cross. These grates come in several varieties. The ones we offer, which are highly regarded in the trade, place heavy steel pipes spaced several inches apart across the driveway. It seems clear that these grates act as a strong deer deterrent. Occasionally, however, deer do learn to cross them. Thus, as the saying goes, while these grates will clearly exclude most of the deer all of the time and all of the deer most of the time, there is no absolute guarantee that they will exclude all of the deer all of the time.

The metal deer grates that we offer  (items 19-16 thru 19-21) consist of massive 3-inch steel bars, separated by 3-inch spaces, that are suspended over a 12-inch deep cavity. These bars consist of 3" OD schedule 4.0 pipe weighing 6.5 pounds per foot. The bars are supported by frames (there are 2 frames per grate) made with 12-inch steel “C” channels on the long (81-inch) sides that in turn are connected by three 8-inch “I” beams (one on each end and one in the middle). The two middle pipes in each 81-inch array are mounted on a small frame that can be unbolted from the main frame and removed temporarily when one wishes to clean out the main cavity.
A deer grate showing the cavity beneath the pipes

These grates aren’t cheap. Designed to support a load of up to 20 tons, they come in six widths (10, 12, 14, 16, 18 or 20 feet). Each grate has a high-quality powder-coat finish and is available in black, grey, or green. For more information about installation of these grates and how to select them, see Deer Fence Installation: Driveway Gates and Driveway Grates. Customers purchasing this product should allow four weeks for delivery. The prices listed below may be approximate and are subject to periodic minor changes with the price of steel. Please note that free shipping is not provided for these grates. Shipping quotes are available upon request.


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