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  • Earth anchor, 27 inches long with a 1/2 inch diameter shaft and 3 inch diameter auger, vertical pullout strength 2,000 pounds

    Earth Anchor: Bracing for Pool, Dog, and Deer Fences: On Sale Here
    • Product ID: 16-12
    • This earth anchor has a half-inch diameter shaft, 3-inch auger, and a 2,000 pound pullout strength. Use it at corners, gates, and ends to protect our swimming pool, dog, and deer fences against sideways stress. Get 2 anchors for each gate and 1 for each end. Get 2 anchors for each corner to avoid having any cables hanging outside the fence line.

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      1 - 4 $9.95
      5 - 9 $9.45
      10+ $8.96
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