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Plan Your Own Pool Fence or Have Us Do It Free

Pool Fence Cost

Use the product listings on this page, plus those on the preceding page and page 3, to place all the parts you need for a pool safety fence in our site's shopping cart. You may then choose to order the fence. Or else you can copy the cart's contents into Microsoft Word and save it for planning purposes. You may also find it helpful to vary the shopping cart's contents to find the cost of different pool fence options. Or if you are not completely sure of what you want, you can contact one of our experts or you can have us do the planning for you by filling out a simple form and requesting a free quote. Your pool fence cost for materials (depending on the height of your fence and the options chosen) can range from $4 to $10 per foot.

Pool Fence Installation

You can eliminate much of the high cost of installation by following our clear and easy installation instructions -- and by doing the job yourself or having a landscaper or handyman do it. 

Pool Fencing: Product Listings

The products listed on these pages are our complete pool fence product listings. Should there be products you want that you don't see in this listing, call us or look for those products in our main catalog.

3) Earth Anchors and Attachment Wire

Use earth anchors for any pool fence, especially one 6 feet tall, that needs to be braced at its corners, ends, and gates. To avoid having any cable hanging outside the fence line, plan on using 2 earth anchors per corner and securing the attachment wire one post over from the corner post (the corner approach post) in each direction, after installing the earth anchor right along the fence line heading from the corner approach post toward the corner post. Also get 1 earth anchor for each end on your pool fence and two for each gate. Figure that a single 100-foot roll of attachment wire will serve to attach 8 earth anchors to a 6-foot fence and 12 earth anchors to a 4-foot fence. Be sure to get one brace band (product 15-10-1) for each earth anchor. 


4) Top Rail Pipe and Accessories for Pool Safety Fences


A top rail is simply a pipe or other railing that runs along the top of the fence. The ones that go with our pool fences are black and somewhat smaller than those found on chain link fences.

Top Rail Pipe

When joined together, our black round 1-3/8 inch top rail pipes have a finished length of 8 feet. So if you plan to have a top rail, get enough of these 8-foot lengths to go all around your fence.  

Top Rail Accessories

If your fence will have a top rial, get one loop cap for each line post; one flat cap for each corner, end, or gate post; two brace bands for each corner post and gate plus one brace band for each end; and two rail ends for each corner post and gate plus one rail end for each fence end. Plan on using one self-tapping screw to attach each rail end to its top rail pipe (the self-tapping screws come in bags of 16). 

Dog Fence Loop Cap for 1-5/8 In Post: Elegant Fence: Learn More
Prod. ID: 15-18
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $2.95
5 - 9 $2.80
10+ $2.66
Self-tapping screws, bag of 16
Prod. ID: CF-SCREW-16


5) Top Support Wire and Accessories


Our black top support wire provides top support for swimming pool fences that is effective but not so rigid as that provided by a top rail. Hence, even though it saves quite a lot of money, it may not be so readily approved for pool fences by local authorities.

Top Support Wire

This wire, which comes in 110, 220, and 350-foot lengths, has a 13-gauge steel core that is coated with black pvc.If you don't get a top rail, get slightly more of this top support wire (black metal tie wire) than the amount needed to go all around your fence.

Top Support Wire Accessories

If you are getting a metal hexagrid pool fence (not a welded wire pool fence) with no top rail, get a brace band for each post. Also, if you don't get a top rail but do get posts with drive sleeves, your posts will come with flat vinyl caps. If you prefer decorative round metal caps, get those listed here (one for each post)

This product is unavailable or out of stock.


Where Do I Go Next?

You are almost done. All you need do is select from four types of products on the next page (fasteners, ground stakes, and gates). If you would like assistance at this point, contact us to discuss your project with an expert or fill out a simple form to request a quote.


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