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Plan Your Own Pool Safety Fence or Have Us Do It Free

Pool Fence Cost

Use the product listings that start here and continue on the next two pages to list all the parts needed for your pool safety fence in our site's shopping cart. You may then choose to order the fence. Or alternatively, you can copy and save the cart's contents into Microsoft Word  and use it for planning purposes. Or you can vary the shopping cart's contents to get different pool fence cost options. Or you can have us do this for you by contacting one of our experts or requesting a free quote. Depending on the height of your fence and the options selected, the cost of pool fence materials may range from $4 to $10 per linear foot.

Pool Fence Installation

Pool fence installation is easy using our written installation instructions. So you can by-pass much of the high price of fence installation by using these written instructions and doing the job yourself or hiring a landscaper or handyman to do it. This costs a lot less than what the chain link people charge and typically yields equal or superior results.

Swimming Pool Fence Product Listings

The products listed below are our complete pool fence product listing. Should there be products you want that you don't see in this listing, call us at 508-888-8305 or look for those products in our main catalog.

1) Fence Rolls

a) Metal Hexagrid Fencing

This metal hexagrid fencing is visible if you view if from 4 to 6 feet away, as in this photo, but is virtually invisible if seen from further away, as in the upper photo. It thus provides a wonderful solution for anyone who wants an above-ground pool fence that is strong, economical, and unobtrusive.

b) Welded Wire Fencing


This fencing is stronger than metal hexagrid fencing and makes excellent dog and swimming pool fences where visibility is not an issue. The cost of this pool fencing is about the same as that of metal hexagrid fencing. Not recommended for sites with many grade changes.

2) Fence Posts


Here are some useful post spacing guidelines for above ground pool fences. Plan on spacing your posts 6 feet apart for a welded wire fence installed without ground stakes, 8 feet apart for a fence using ground stakes (see below) and a top rail, 8 to 10 feet apart for a staked 4-foot fence with a top support wire; and 8 to12 feet apart for a staked 6-foot fence with a top support wire. Regarding the latter (8 to 10 and 8 to 12 foot spacing) it is sensible to use shorter spacing where one wants a firmer fence or where snow loading could be a problem, and to use longer spacing where neither maximum firmness nor snow loading is an issue.

a) Drive Caps and Round Posts with Drive Sleeves

For driving in sleeves, get 1 drive cap for every 20 posts.

b) Post Driver and Round Posts without Sleeves

If you don't already have a manual post driver, get one for driving in all of these posts.

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Where Do I Go Next?

Continue building your list of parts by going to the next page (page 2) of this catalog and planning guide.


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