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Plan Your Own Pool Safety Fence or Have Us Do It Free

Pool Fence Cost

The cost of pool fence materials, depending on the height of the fence and the options chosen, can run anywhere from $4 to $10 per foot. Use the product listings on this page, plus those on the two preceding pages, to place a list of all the pool fence parts you need in our site's shopping cart. You may then choose to order the fence. Or else you can copy the cart's contents into Microsoft Word and save it for planning purposes. You may also find it helpful to vary the shopping cart's contents to find the cost of different pool fence options. Or if you are not completely sure of what you want, you can contact one of our experts or you can have us do the planning for you by filling out a simple form and requesting a free quote.

Pool Fence Installation

You can eliminate much of the high cost of pool fence installation by using our clear and easy installation instructions to do the job yourself or have a landscaper or handyman do it. This costs a lot less than what the chain link people charge and typically yields equal or superior results.

Pool Fence Product Listings, Continued - p. 3

The products listed here and on our two preceding catalog/planning pages will provide everything you need. Should there be any products you want that you don't see in this swimming pool fence catalog, contact us or look for those products in our main catalog.

6) Fasteners and Ground Stakes


Zip-lock ties


If your pool safety fence will have either a top rail or a top support wire, get one 8-inch zip-lock tie for every 2 feet of welded wire fencing or every foot of metal hexagrid fencing, plus enough for all your posts (one tie per foot of post).

Hog Ring Stapler and Staples


If you have a long above ground pool fence with a top support wire and want to save some installation time, get a hog ring stapler and one or more packs of hog-ring staples. Plan to apply 1 hog ring staple per foot of metal hex fence or per 2 feet of welded wire fence. You will then need no zip-lock ties for the top wire but will still need one 8-inch zip-lock tie for each vertical foot of every post.

King-Hughes Hog Ring Stapler with Magazine: Versatile Tool: Learn More
Prod. ID: 17-16
Our Prices:
1 - 2 $59.95
3 - 5 $56.95
6+ $54.95
Circular Staples, Hog Ring Form, King-Hughes, Galvanized Steel, Pointed, 2,500 Staples
Prod. ID: 17-17
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $15.95
5 - 9 $15.15
10+ $14.35

Ground Stakes


If your fence runs over earth, get 1 ground stake for every 4 feet of fence. If the soil is extremely loose and sandy get the 18-inch rebar stakes; otherwise get the foot-long stakes.


7) Gates


Our gates come in heights of 4,5, and 6 feet and in widths of 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet. The 6-foot gate also comes in a 7-foot width. All of these easy to install gates come in kit form with well-illustrated installation instructions.

Dog Fence Gate 3 ft wide x 4 ft Tall: Reliable, Attractive: Learn More
Prod. ID: GT-AC-3W-4H
Sturdy Black Dog Fence Gate 4 x 4 Ft: Reliable, Attractive: Learn More
Prod. ID: GT-AC-4W-4H
Handsome Dog Fence Gate, 5 x 4 Ft: Reliable, Attractive: Learn More
Prod. ID: GT-AC-5W-4H
Strong Dog Fence Gate. Black, 6 x 4 Ft: Reliable, Attractive: Learn More
Prod. ID: GT-AC-6W-4H
Strong Dog Fence Gate 3 x 5 Feet: Reliable, Attractive: Learn Morel
Prod. ID: GT-AC-3W-5H
Handsome Dog Fence Gate, 4 x 5 Ft: Reliable, Attractive: Learn More
Prod. ID: GT-AC-4W-5H
Strong Dog Fence Gate, Black,  5  x 5 Ft: Reliable, Attractive: Learn More
Prod. ID: GT-AC-5W-5H
Strong Dog Fence Gate, Black, 6 x 5 Ft: Reliable, Attractive: Learn More
Prod. ID: GT-AC-6W-5H


Completing Your Purchase or Using Your Product List for Planning

By now you should have a complete list of pool fence items in your shopping cart and should be ready to check out. However, if you wish to use the list for discussion or planning, copy the shopping cart and paste it into Microsoft Word. You can then save the list in your computer or print it out. Alternatively, if you would like us to review your work, attach the MS word file to an email and send it to us at together with a good daytime contact number and a request that we get back to you..


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