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Strong Affordable Pool Fences

Combination Deer/Pool Fences

After installing one of our nearly invisible pool fences.

Metal hexagrid deer fencing, makes excellent low-visibility swimming pool safety fences. (The one installed here can be seen by observing the black post at far right and then detecting the strong but barely visible fencing sweeping across the camera's field of view.) So for those who wish to install a nearly invisible pool fence above ground and who are tired of deer devastation, it offers an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Typically, this deer fence that also places a strong basic fence around your pool will be longer and taller than a simple swimming pool fence. But foot for foot it will be considerably cheaper, and besides providing pool protection it will also exclude deer.

Broad experience, especially in Connecticut and New York states, has demonstrated that metal hexagrid deer fencing is routinely approved for making swimming pool safety fences and does in fact make an excellent and virtually invisible pool fence. Of course, the code regulations for pool fencing vary from community to community. So it may be necessary to plan on installing a top rail or to have us send you a sample of metal hexagrid fencing to show the building inspector. (Email us your request and address at mcgregor queries or phone us at 508-888-8305 to get a sample.) 


Basic Pool Fences


If there's no deer problem and you're simply looking to install a sound basic pool fence, you have come to the right place. Both our metal hexagrid and welded wire fencing make excellent pool safety fences. We can supply you with these and all associated products (posts, top rails, gates, etc.) at astonishingly low prices as well as instructions on how to set them up, plus free fencing samples and free quotes. For more details, browse the rest of this page and then visit our Pool Fence Planning and Catalog Pages.

About Our Pool Fence Products

1) Welded Wire and Metal Hex Pool Fencing


Pool fences typically run anywhere from 4 to 6 feet tall. Our metal hexagrid fencing comes in 4, 5, and 6-foot rolls, while our welded wire fencing comes in 4 and 6-foot rolls. Both of these make fine basic pool fences. However, the welded fencing is stronger, stiffer, and more visible than the metal hex. So we recommend the metal hex for places where you can stake down the fence bottom and where visibility is an issue; while in places where the fence will be running over stones or cement it's better to use welded wire fencing and keep your posts close together (6 feet apart) so that no staking down is needed.

2) Posts


Our black pvc-coated round posts make excellent swimming pool fence posts. Get the round posts with drive sleeves if you want the fencing or posts to be removable. Otherwise get the round posts without sleeves, which are less expensive. If using the round posts without sleeves, plan on getting 6-foot posts for a 4-foot fence, 7-foot posts for a 5-foot fence, or 8-foot posts for a 6-foot fence. Set all these posts 2 feet deep.

Regarding spacing, plan on putting your posts 6 to 12 feet apart (6 feet apart for a welded wire swimming pool fence installed without ground stakes; 8 feet for a staked fence with a top rail; 8 to 10 feet for a staked 4-foot fence; and 8 to 12 feet for a staked 6-foot fence).

3) Earth Anchors for Corners, Gates, and Ends


If your pool fence could get heavily weighed down by snow, especially if the fence is 6 feet tall, consider getting earth anchors to brace your corners, ends, and gates. Plan on getting two earth anchors for each corner and gate and one for each end (places where your fence may butt up against a building, wall, or other fence). Then at your corner posts attach the earth anchors one post back from the corner post and install them right along the fence line. That way there will be no earth anchor cables hanging off the fence.

4) Top Rails and Top Rail Accessories


To create a really elegant swimming pool safety fence with a firm top, get a top support rail. This rail come in the form of durable round 100 x 1-3/8 inch black pvc-coated pipes with 4-inch male ends. Each of these rail pipes, when fitted onto the next in line, will span 8 feet, and you should get enough of them to go all around your fence.

Then get rail ends and brace bands to terminate your corner, end, and gate posts. More specifically, get two rail ends and brace bands for each corner post; two more ends and bands for each gate; and one end and band for each place where your fence ends at a building, wall, or other fence.

If you would like help with any of this, call us at 508-888-8305 or go to our free quotes page and request a quote tailored to your fence.

5) Top Support Wire


If you're not using a top rail on the fence around your pool, get a top support wire. This wire is tightened manually at installation and requires no special terminators or tighteners. Attach it to the top of your pool fencing with zip-lock ties or hog ring staples, applying one tie or staple per foot of fence. 

6) Brace Bands


If using a top support wire (no top rail) with metal hexagrid fencing, attach a brace band at the top of each post to provide an anchor point, so that the pool fencing cannot slide down the post. These bands are not needed with the more rigid welded wire fencing.

7) Zip-lock Ties


Use these strong nylon ties to attach your pool fencing to the top rail or top support line, and also to attach the fencing to your posts. Plan on applying one tie per foot along the top with metal hex fencing and one tie every two feet along the top with welded wire fencing. Also, use one tie every foot to attach the fencing to your posts. If using brace bands, put the top tie on each post under the bolt in the brace band and around the top support wire and the top of the fencing, rather than around the post.

8) Hog-ring Staples


If you have a long (over 200-foot) pool safety fence with a top support wire (no top rail), you may wish to use hog-ring staples instead of zip-ties to secure the top support wire to the top of the fencing. The hog ring stapler used to apply these ties makes the staples more expensive to use than the zip-ties; but the hog rings will outlast the zip-ties and can be applied faster, saving installation time.

9) Ground Stakes


If the fence around your pool is to be installed over the ground, rather than over cement or stones, insert a kinked 12-inch ground stake every 4 feet (or an 18-inch rebar stake if the soil is really loose and sandy) to secure the bottom of the pool fencing to the ground.

10) Gates


We offer gates 3 to 6 feet wide for our 4, 5, and 6-foot pool fences. Each gate comes in the form of an easily assembled kit with full pictorial instructions. Each kit includes all the parts needed except for the fencing to go on the gate door -- because we don't know the kind of fencing used on your main fence and we want the fencing on the gate door to match. So plan on cutting the gate door fencing from your fence rolls and attaching this fencing to the gate door with ties provided in the kit.


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