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Starting an earth anchor




If you are not installing a top rail, use pvc-coated steel tie wire to provide support along the top of the pool fence. This black 13.5 gauge wire improves the fence's appearance and strengthens it against any stresses that occur. This wire should be applied at the top of the fence in short runs, generally of 60 feet or less, that do not cross gates or go around corners.

So start at some chosen corner, gate, or end. If you have no earth anchors and if your pool fence doesn't curve, run the line out as far as 60 feet or until you come to another corner, end, or gate post. Terminate the run at that point and start a new one. Proceed in this manner until you have gone all around the fence. 

If you have earth anchors but the fence doesn't curve, start at a corner post and make a very short run of wire between the corner post and the corner approach post to which the earth anchor is attached. When you tighten this short run of tie wire, do not tighten it enough to tilt the corner post. Then make another run that extends up to 60 feet or until you reach the next earth anchor, and follow that with another very short run of wire between the post with the earth anchor and the next post over, this latter post being a corner, end, or gate post. Proceed in this way until you have gone all around the fence.

If the pool fence is curved or has curving sections, you need to set up short runs of tie wire on the curve, each run going 10 to 20 feet, so that when you tighten the wire it will not make the posts tilt toward the inside of the curve.

This wire does not stretch, and it does not need to be applied under high tension. Simply pass one end of the tie wire around one anchor post, wrap it around itself a few times to form something that looks like a small hangman's knot, proceed to the other anchor post (at the other end of the run), pull the wire tight enough to run straight and support the fence, cut the wire, and wrap the cut end around the incoming wire several times to form another small hangman's knot. Be sure to leave enough excess wire at one of these knots so that the knot can be undone and the wire pulled a bit tighter later if more tightness is needed to support the fencing.


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