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Plan on inserting 1 ground stake every 4 feet along your fence. If the soil is very loose or sandy use the 18-inch rebar stakes. Otherwise use the standard 12-inch stakes. These 12-inch stakes may need to be tapped into tough ground with a hammer. In that case tap them in gently, because vigorous hammering can bend the hook at the top of the stake.

Also, some pool fences will be running over paving stones, rocks, cement, or other surfaces that prevent installation of any stakes. In that case use welded wire fencing, which is more rigid than metal hexagrid fencing, and put your posts 6 feet apart to provide the fence with a secure bottom.




The gates offered on this website are 4, 5, or 6 feet tall and 3, 4, 5, or 6 feet wide. The 6 foot tall gate also comes in a 7 foot width. All of these gates come as kits with their own pictorial installation instructions. Whether or not you are using our gates, be sure that your gate support posts, once set in the ground or into cement footings, are precisely the right distance apart to accommodate the gate door and its fittings (hinges and latches). If you are putting together a gate kit, lay out the parts on the ground and put them together in a preliminary fashion so that you can see precisely where the ends of the gate support posts should go.

Should you need gates for a taller fence or wider gates for a fence 6 feet tall, you can find them in our deer fence catalog.