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Brace bands for round posts




For Fences with a Top Support Wire

Brace bands offer a convenient way to ensure that your pool fencing cannot slide down the posts. Place a brace band near the top of each round post. The flanges on the band should face inward toward the pool--except on posts where earth anchors will be attached (see Installing Earth Anchors), in which case the flanges should point toward the place where the earth anchor will be inserted into the ground.

If you are using flat vinyl caps, make the top of the brace band even with the top of the post. Then insert the vinyl cap, if necessary tapping it on with a hammer or rubber mallet. Finally, insert the brace band's carriage bolt through the flanges on the band, put on the washer and nut, and tighten the nut with a small adjustable wrench until the band cannot slide up or down the post.

If you are using metal dome caps, leave enough space above the band so that a cap can fit on the post. Mount the cap on the post, if need be hammering the cap, using a rubber mallet or putting a board between the cap and your hammer to avoid marring the cap. In cases where the cap refuses to be hammered on, remove the cap and file down the inward-pointing metal projection inside the cap with a small metal file until the cap can be successfully mounted on the post.

Now raise the brace band up to the bottom of the dome cap and point the flanges in the right direction. Pass the band's carriage bolt through the holes in the flanges, apply a nut and washer, and tighten the nut with a wrench until the brace band cannot move.

For Fences with a Top Rail

Place two brace bands on each corner post, one on each end post, and one on each gate post. Then install a vinyl cap or dome cap as described above for fences with a top support wire and bring up the brace bands until they fit snugly against each other (on a corner post) and against the bottom of the dome cap, or until they are even with the top of the post if you are using vinyl caps. Point the flanges of each band in the right direction to receive the incoming top rail. Fasten each band's bolt, washer, and nut only loosely or leave them off.

Also place a brace band on each line post to which an earth anchor will be attached, pointing the band's flanges down the fence line toward the point where the earth anchor will be placed. Put a loop cap on all the line posts and raise the brace bands on all the posts that have them until they just touch the bottom of the loop cap. Apply the bolt, washer, and nut for each band and tighten the nut with a wrench to establish a strong anchor point.



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