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Planning Your Deer Fence: Introduction
Fence Rolls
Fence Posts
Post Accessories, Tools, and Braces
Support Lines and Gear
Post Attachers (Zip-ties and U-nails)
Stakes and Flags
Gates and Grates
Completing your Deer Fence Plan
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Stakes and Flags

1) Plan on folding out 6 inches of deer fencing at the bottom of the deer fence toward the deer and staking this flap down with ground stakes. If your soil is very loose and sandy use 18-inch rebar ground stakes. Otherwise use 12-inch kinked galvanized ground stakes. In either case, plan on using one ground stake for every 6 feet of fence.

2) To calculate the total number of ground stakes needed, divide the total fence length by 6 feet. Then decide how many bundles of 30, 250, or 20 are needed to provide this number, and enter the appropriate number of bundles in your shopping cart.

3) Plan on attaching two warning flags (at a height not over 3 feet) between each pair of deer fence posts or trees. Calculate how many warning flags you will need by taking your total number of posts plus trees and multiplying by 2. Now divide this number by the number of flags per bag to determine the number of bags you need, and enter this number in your shopping cart.

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