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Planning Your Deer Fence: Introduction
Fence Rolls
Fence Posts
Post Accessories, Tools, and Braces
Support Lines and Gear
Post Attachers (Zip-ties and U-nails)
Stakes and Flags
Gates and Grates
Completing your Deer Fence Plan
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Deer Fence Posts

Choose the type(s) of deer fence post to use. We offer 9 or 10-foot angle-iron posts, 9, 10, or 10.5-foot round metal posts without drive sleeves, and round metal posts with drive sleeves for various fence heights. Other choices are trees (the best posts if available) and wooden posts (pressure-treated 4x4s or 5-6-inch rounds).

Regarding post spacing, figure on a maximum of 15 feet between posts supporting metal hexagrid fencing and 20 feet between ones supporting polypropylene fencing. Shorten these distances if snow loading is likely, going down to as little as 10-foot spacing if anticipated problems are severe. Then divide the length of your fence by the spacing between posts to determine how many posts you need. If you are using metal posts, locate your chosen type on our Post product pages, place the desired number in your shopping cart, and hit the back button on your browser to return to these planning pages.


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