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Planning Your Deer Fence: Introduction
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Completing your Deer Fence Plan
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Fence Rolls

First, determine the type of fencing you desire. Choices that we recommend for making a 7-foot finished deer fence include metal hexagrid deer fencing and various grades of polypropylene deer fencing, the most widely used of which are Tenax C-flex (Heavy Duty) and Tenax C-flex P (Extra Strength). Consider welded wire fencing if you want to keep out elk or restrain other large animals and don't much care if the fence is visible.

Metal hexagrid fencing is even less visible than polypropylene fencing. However, the near-invisibility of all this fencing depends a lot on light, shade, and angles. For example, the metal hexagrid fencing in the "metal hexagrid" photo above comes in from the left, goes around a post, and turns a corner, after which it is virtually invisible because of the new angle. Samples of all these kinds of fencing are available upon request.

Next, determine the perimeter of your deer fence (the number of linear feet in your fence) and add another 10 per cent to make sure you get enough fencing. Then select the specific fence roll(s) you want from the Fence Rolls section of our Product pages; calculate the number of  rolls needed, enter than number in the catalog listing for the chosen roll click on the “Add to Cart” button, and return here by clicking the back button on your browser.

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