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Planning Your Deer Fence: Introduction
Fence Rolls
Fence Posts
Post Accessories and Tools
Support Lines and Gear
Post Attachers (Zip-ties and U-nails)
Stakes and Flags
Gates and Grates
Completing your Deer Fence Plan
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We will be pleased to provide you with a full list of materials and a formal materials quote for your deer fence based upon your needs. (Please call us at 508-888-8305 to activate this service, or else use our quote and parts pages.) At the same time, we realize that many of our customers would prefer to do their own planning. Therefore, we have set up these pages for assessing variables, looking at different possibilities, and coming up with your own list of materials. Should you have questions along the way, feel free to contact us by email or phone us at 508-888-8305.

Plan Your Own Deer Fence

Follow the instructions below to create a list of the materials you need step by step. The process will place a complete list of deer fence materials in your shopping cart. If you do not wish to purchase these materials now, simply print out the shopping cart so that you will have an effective list of deer fence materials for planning, or else save the list in your computer by following the instructions in our plan completion section. Then remove the items by clicking on "Empty your cart" at the lower left of the cart. Detailed professional instructions for installing your fencing materials are available in our How to Install section.

Here's a guide to the pages that follow:

Fence Rolls: Select your fencing by choosing between metal hexagrid and polypropylene fencing, and then if you choose the latter selecting from among various polypropylene grades. Should you want a very short poly fence roll  (less than 100 feet), see our Heavy Duty Reinforced and Extra Strength Reinforced poly fencing. If you want to keep out elk or restrain other large animals and don't care if the fence is visible, consider Tenax's Elk and Large Animal poly fencing and also the 6 and 8-foot heights of our welded wire fencing.

Fence Posts: Determine the optimum post spacing for your fence, the kind of post to use, whether you want to use post sleeves, and whether to use trees as posts.

Post Accessories, Tools, and Bracing: Select from among brace bands, drive caps, a manual post driver, and a digging bar. Then decide whether your fence needs bracing, and if so choose between earth anchors and brace posts.

Top Support Lines and Gear: Decide whether a top support line is needed and whether it should be a metal tie wire or heavy monofilament line. In the latter case get tensioners and terminators. If you use a top support line, also select gear (a hog ring stapler and staples or nylon zip-lock ties) for attaching the line to your fencing.

Post Attachers: Get zip-lock ties for attaching your fencing to metal posts and/or U-nails for attaching it to wooden posts or trees.

Stakes and Flags: Get ground stakes for securing your deer fence to the ground and temporary warning flags to ensure that the deer see it.

Gates and Plan Completion: Select the gates you need and save or purchase the list of materials you have developed.

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