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Deer Fence Options: Introduction
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Metal Hexagrid and Welded Wire Deer Fencing
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Combinations of Metal and Plastic Fences

Plastic Fence, Metal Skirt. An intermediate option is to install full-height polypropylene deer fencing combined with a low two to four foot skirt of metal deer fencing. That keeps small animals from making holes in the polypropylene fence and also prevents low-level penetration by the deer. And since many plastic deer fences will eventually be penetrated by small creatures and repaired with lengths of low metal fencing anyway, starting out with a low metal barrier as part of the fence system is sound practice.

Such a metal skirt of 1-inch hexagrids makes even better sense if you already have a polypropylene fence in place (with or without a bottom flap) but the deer are getting in–either because the fence is not properly secured at the bottom or because small creatures are making holes which are then enlarged by the deer. If your fence has no bottom flap, putting on the metal skirt gives you an opportunity to add one–simply turn the bottom 6 inches of the metal skirt outward and tie it down firmly with ground stakes spaced 6 feet or so apart. By matching the skirt’s width to the highest level of damaged plastic (the skirts come in various widths) one can repair all of the existing damage while limiting expense.


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