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Metal Hexagrid Deer Fencing

A relatively new type of deer fencing, made of metal coated with black pvc, is more expensive than polypropylene but less visible, longer lasting, and stronger--indeed, strong enough to meet the building code requirements for swimming pool fence in many areas. Small creatures won't make holes in this fence-it is made from the same, pvc-coated 1-inch hexagrid material that professional installers use to gird the lower reaches of polypropylene fences against small animal attacks and to repair polypropylene fences that have been penetrated by small animals and deer (see Metal Hexagrid Deer Fence).

metal hexagrid deer fencing

This metal deer fencing ends all penetrations. Charging deer cannot punch through this fencing, nor can small animals make holes in it. And it is plenty tall, with a working height of 7 feet, to effectively exclude white-tail and other deer.

Another advantage of this fence is relative invisibility. Black pvc-coated hexagrid metal fence employs 20-gauge wire for the grid. This wire is much thinner than the polypropylene grid structures of the "invisible" plastic fences. Hence, it is not surprising to find that the metal fence has very low visibility for both deer and people.

Other advantages: the metal hexagrid fence is less likely to be torn down or damaged by falling limbs. It is also very durable, the metal fence having an expected life when properly maintained of more than 20 years-about twice the average expected life of polypropylene deer fence. It thus provides a solution to the deer problem that is far more thorough and long-lasting than that offered by polypropylene fencing.

On the down side, this metal fence is expensive. However, those who can afford a good-looking and nearly invisible metal fence-including those who are just plain tired of repairing and replacing polypropylene fencing-will find metal hexagrid fencing the best choice.

Welded Wire Deer Fencing

We also offer 14-gauge black welded wire fencing in 4, 6, and 8-foot heights. The 4-foot height (useful for dog and swimming pool fences but not recommended for deer) has a 2 x 4 inch mesh size. The 6 and 8-foot heights, useful for excluding elk and other large animals, have a 1.5 x 4-inch mesh size and a 2 x 4-inch mesh size, respectively. All of this welded wire fencing is stronger than our metal hexagrid fencing but also considerably more visible.    



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