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Polypropylene Deer Fencing

All deer fencing is not the same by any means. Occasionally people build deer fences with polypropylene plastic that is too weak–so that even a very minor assault will burst right through. Obviously, that’s not a good idea. The polypropylene fencing that we sell on this website is very tough–being one or another of the standard types that are used by all leading deer fence installers who know their stuff.

Polypropylene Deer Fencing

Most of the world's high-quality polypropylene deer fencing is made by a firm named Tenax through a complex process that produces fencing with rounded strands. An alternative type with an extra reinforcing strand at the bottom has flatter strands but is also effective.

Three grades of Tenax's round-strand fencing are suited to deer control. The least expensive "C-flex" grade is best-suited to fencing places that deer can be trained away from fairly easily, areas where direct, high-impact assaults are unlikely. Of course, this material can be used in conjunction with other defenses–like an electric deer fence dedicated to keeping deer from directly contacting, exploring, and assaulting the polypropylene deer control barrier most of the time, and can also be combined with metal hexagrid skirting joined to the polypropylene that can protect against holes made by woodchucks or rabbits that the deer can then enlarge. But regardless of the use, this C-flex material is weaker than Tenax's two other professional deer fence grades, which are commonly referred to as "C-flex P" and "C-flex HD".

C-flex P is significantly stronger than C-flex and better able to take punishment. For many years it was regarded as the best polypropylene anti-deer product available anywhere. It is true that a deer making a full-power charge at this material may break it. Fortunately, such events (most related to interdiction of established deer paths and early deer training) are rather rare.

Tenax's strongest grade, C-flex HD, is considerably stronger than the other two grades but also significantly more visible. It is the best polypropylene choice where one is seeking to cope with such things as deer moving along established paths and heavy deer incursions.

For those who would like an extra reinforcing strand of polypropylene along the bottom of the fence, or would like a shorter length of fencing (shorter than the standard 100-foot roll) we recommend our Heavy Duty Reinforced and Extra Strength Reinforced deer fencing. This fencing is not made by Tenax but has the same strength and durability as the Heavy Duty and Extra Strength Tenax products. 


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