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Deer Fence Gates


We offer lots of gates ranging from 3 to 16 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet tall. All come as easy-to-assemble kits with pictorial assembly instructions. Each kit has everything you need including support posts, door materials, and assorted gear (hinges, lathes, turnbuckles, etc.) The only thing not included is fencing material for the gate door. That's because we don't know the fencing used for your main fence and we want the fencing on the gate door to match. So we ask you to cut some of your fencing for the door and fasten it with ties provided in the kit.

The gates 3 to 7 feet wide, called "Access Gates," are meant for people, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, and so forth. Accordingly, they come with a frame bar that crosses the gate at the top. Our wider gates, termed "Driveway Gates," are designed for vehicles. Hence they include support posts but no top bar. Note that we offer two kinds of driveway gates, one with a single door or "leaf" and the other with two, the two-leaf gates being considerably more expensive than the one-leaf types.

Gate Openers and Deer Grates


For those who want automatic gate-opening equipment, we can get it for you but we don't list it. Typically the cost would be something like $1,500 (for the opener, two metal detectors, an automatic gate lock, and other small gear). Unless one is extremely savvy about electricity, these openers require the services of a professional electrician to install.

We also offer deer grates, massive sets of round bars over a foot-deep opening placed across the driveway. The main drawback of these gadgets is expense, the grates alone costing thousands of dollars and installation adding a considerable sum to that. We have also seen a video of a deer crossing one of these grates by stepping down into the foot-deep cavity beneath the bars. This does not appear common (or else we would have heard about it), and so we list these grates with reservations.


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