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Lines and Cables

  • U-bolt cable clamp for Monofilament line, pack of 10

    U-bolts for Deer, Dog, and Pool Fences; for 10-14 Ga. Line: Learn More
    • Product ID: 16-08
    • U-bolts can be applied with a small wrench. Use the ones here to terminate monofilament line on a deer fence. In general, U-bolts take more time to apply than oval metal sleeves or gripples, but they need no special tool to apply. So if your fence is short and you have no crimping tool or gripple tensioning tool, they are an effective and inexpensive choice. Use them with daisy wheel tighteners.

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      1 - 4 $5.19
      5 - 9 $4.93
      10+ $4.67
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