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  • Strong Pool Fence Kit: 6 x 300 Feet, Metal Hexagrid Fence with Top Rail Copy

    Strong Dog Fence Kit, 4 x 150 Feet, Reliable Metal Fencing: Learn More
    • Product ID: 19-01P-MHTR6300
    • This low-visibility 6 x 300-foot pool fence made with strong black metal hexagrid mesh will reliably keep children and pets out of the pool area. (If you need a sample of the fencing material for your building inspector, please let us know.) Based on strong deer fencing, this fence comes with black round metal posts, a top rail, and ground stakes. No gate is included, but 6-foot gates compatible with this kit are offered in our gates section. The products included in this kit are as follows:

      • Two 6 x 150-foot rolls of black metal hexagrid fencing--galvanized and coated with black pvc (2 rolls of product 14-16)
      • 38 eight-foot round black posts 1-5/8 inches in diameter (38 of product 15-03P-8T-1)
      • 12 brace bands for tops of posts, to anchor fencing and top support wire (12 bands with nuts, bolts, washers; product 15-10-1)
      • 38 round black top rail pipes with male end, 100 x 1-3/8 inches (38 of product TOP-RAIL)
      • 8 flat black vinyl caps for 1-5/8 inch round posts (8 of product 15-16)
      • 32 loop caps, black, for 1-5/8 inch round posts (32 of product 15-18)
      • 12 rail ends, black for 1-3/8 inch top rail pipes (12 of product 15-19)
      • 16 self-tapping screws (1 bag of 16 screws, product CF-SCREW-16)
      • 6 bags of 8-inch zip-lock ties for attaching fencing to posts and top rail (6 bags of 100, product 17-04)
      • 120 kinked galvanized ground stakes 1 foot long (4 bundles of 30, product 18-01)
      • Installation instructions (product INST-POOL-K) 


      Our Price: $2,129.99
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