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Anti-dig barriers

  • Digging Barrier Kit, 2 x 100 Ft, Strong, for Attachment to Wooden Fences (60 Stakes)

    Strong Digging Barrier, 2 x 100 Feet, for Wooden Dog Fences
    • Product ID: 19-01-S2
    • The green metal mesh in this kit can be joined to wooden posts and wooden fencing with the U-nails provided. To resist inveterate diggers, it comes with enough ground stakes to stake down the barrier at 20-inch intervals. Products included in this kit are as follows:

      • 2 x 50-foot roll of green metal hexagonal fencing (2 rolls, product 14-35GH)
      • 1 pound (about 70) 1.25-inch barbed galvanized U-nails (product 17-02)
      • 60 foot-long kinked galvanized ground stakes (2 bundles of product 18-01) 

      Our Price: $125.99
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