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McGregor's Deer Fence Installation Videos

Deer Fence Installation Videos

You should see these videos, the best deer fence installation videos anywhere. Both thorough and brief, they take less than an hour to view. Start viewing by clicking any of the links below:


  1. Introductory Video (3 minutes)

Post Installation Videos

  1. Installing Round Deer Fence Posts (6 minutes)
  2. Installing Round Posts (2) - Sleeves (7 minutes)
  3. Installing Angle-Iron Deer Fence Posts (3 minutes)
  4. Installing Wooden Posts and Using Trees as Posts (3 minutes)
  5. Installing Cement Footings for Deer Fences (5 minutes)

Other Deer Fence Videos

  1. Installing Earth Anchors (5 minutes)
  2. Stringing Topwire for Deer Fences (9 minutes)
  3. Hanging the Deer Fencing (6 minutes)
  4. Installing a Deer Fence Gate (9 minutes)

The McGregor Video Channel

Playlist: All the McGregor Deer Fence Installation Videos

Note: Our written installation instructions provide links to all the above deer fence installation videos at appropriate points. To view our written instructions, click here: How To Install A Deer Fence