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Round Deer Fence Posts


Round Metal Deer Fence Posts

Round 1-5/8 inch steel posts make very good long-lasting posts that are easier and less expensive to install than wooden posts. Should you get these black round posts you should order brace bands with them to provide a firm fence attachment point at the top of each post and to prevent any possibility of the fence sagging.

Posts without Drive Sleeves

To set a 9-foot or 10-foot round post into the ground you should prepare the way with a digging bar. Put a piece of tape on the digging bar at a height corresponding to the desired depth of the hole. Then take your digging bar and thrust it into the ground where you plan to set a post. With its weight helping you, work the bar downward however far you want the post to go. As you proceed, rotate the bar in the hole enough to open up a space almost wide enough to accommodate the post. If you do that, when you get two feet down you will know there are no rocks or roots in the way. (If you run into a rock or root that the bar cannot navigate, shift the bar to another place and try again.)

Using a Digging Bar for a Deer Fence

Video: Installing Round Metal Deer Fence Posts without Drive Sleeves

Now pound the post in with a manual post driver. The driver is a weighted metal cylinder open at one end and closed at the other, with handles on the sides. To use it, take it up a little two-step ladder such as you have in the pantry and slip it over the top of the metal post to be installed. Then raise and drop the driver anywhere from a few inches to nearly its full length so as to tap or pound the post into the ground. When you use this tool, be sure no one is trying to assist you by holding the upper portion of the driven post with their hands, as the heavy descending driver can remove literally inches of flesh from the hands.

Pound the post in with a manual post driver

As you drive in the post, stop when you are about a foot down and apply a carpenter's level to make sure it is straight. Keep driving it down until only seven feet two inches remain above the ground. If you have not prepared the way with a digging bar, this pounding is likely to distort the upper inch or two of pipe. If this happens, get a pipe cutter and cut off the distorted portion of the pipe. Then arrange things so that the pipe has a finished height of 7 feet.