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Deer Fence Posts


Choosing Metal or Wooden Posts

If you don't have suitable trees along the fence line, or if you choose not to employ them, use either wooden or metal fence posts.

Our preference is for round (1-5/8 inch) metal fence posts, which are stronger than angle-iron fence posts (the other alternative we offer) and which need no maintenance. These round black pvc-coated posts come with or without drive sleeves. Use the ones with drive sleeves if your soil has no rocks or very few, and if you don't need to worry about frost heaves (because you lack heavy clay soil, or you have heavy clay soil but your frost line is less than 2.5 feet deep). Also use posts with drive sleeves if you don't like the idea of getting up on a 2-step stool to manage a post and a 17-pound manual post drive. Use the 9-foot fence posts without drive sleeves if your soil is rocky and frost heaves are not a problem (because you lack heavy clay soil or have a frost line less than 2 feet deep). Use the 10-foot posts without drive sleeves if you have loose sandy soil or heavy clay soil with a frost line 2-3 feet deep.

Should you prefer angle-iron posts use our 9-footers for most conditions and use the 10-footers for very loose or sandy soil. Try to stay away from 10-foot posts if your project is small, (using more closely spaced 9-footers or round posts with drive sleeves instead) because unlike virtually all our other products, which ship free, 10-foot posts do not ship free and can invoke high freight charges. In general, angle-iron posts are considerably weaker than round posts and should not be put at points on the fence that are likely to receive substantial stress. If you are installing metal fencing but want to use as many angle-iron posts as possible, alternate the angle-iron posts with round metal posts, wooden posts, or trees. Please note that unlike the round posts, angle-iron posts need periodic (six-monthly or yearly) inspection and application of rust-preventive paint at any places where their black powder-coat finish has been penetrated.