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Earth anchors and braces


Earth Anchors and Braces for Deer Fences

Earth Anchors for Deer Fences

Use suitable trees as the posts at deer fence corners wherever possible. Lacking trees, you need earth anchors attached with a heavy wire or cable. The earth anchor system can be used effectively with any corner post or corner approach post set in a cement footing.

Video: How To Install Earth Anchors

This earth anchor system is appealing because all you have to do is screw the anchor into the ground (this can be hard in places with rocks or roots) and run a heavy metal wire designed for outdoor use between a secure point on the fence post and the earth anchor's handle. In most cases, compared to deer fence braces (an alternate bracing system), we have found earth anchors easier to install, less expensive, less visible, and more effective.

You can anchor a corner with earth anchors in two ways. One way anchors the corner post and requires only one earth anchor; but it leaves the earth anchor and its attachment cable outside the fence line, creating a potential lawnmower problem and tripping hazard (see diagrams below). The other method braces the two posts approaching the corner post. This requires two earth anchors instead of one, but it puts the earth anchors and their cables right along the fence line, removing the lawnmower problem and tripping hazard.

If you are using the latter method, those parts of the fence between the corner approach posts and the corner post are not secured against sideways stress (see diagram below). So, where snow loads or falling tree branches are a problem, set the corner approach posts close to the corner post (within 6 to 10 feet, the closer the better). This will shorten the segments of fence that are not anchored.

Earth Anchor Illustration