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How To Install Deer Fences: Instructions for Homeowners, Landscapers and other Fence Installers

Deer Fence How To Installation Instructions

Why These Instructions?

We commonly get calls from customers asking for a deer fence installer. We can get a good installer for you if you live in lower New England or thereabouts. However, in much of the country professional deer fence installers are hard to find. What's more, these professionals are expensive; even ordinary fence installers are expensive; and deer fence installation isn't rocket science. It just involves some unfamiliar parts. So if you want to do it yourself, or if you can find a landscaper or handyman willing to learn, connect him to our installation instructions (especially our videos, which can be viewed in less than an hour), and you will usually get an excellent result. In fact, you will typically get a better result than if you had hired a fence installer who doesn't specialize in deer. So use these instructions productively and enjoy them. You'll be glad you did.  

Videos and Text

We provide both deer fence installation videos and written instructions. The two cover the same ground. Either one provides all the information a homeowner or landscaper needs to install an effective deer fence that will last for many years. However, we recommend seeing the videos first, because they take less than an hour to view in their entirity. Despite their brevity they're very thorough, so sometimes they are all that's needed. But its also wise to browse the written instructions. They are about 5,000 words long and quite detailed. They proceed in the same order that the fence is installed. And they have a very detailed table of contents up front with links that allows you to put your finger on exactly what you want with little searching. So see the videos first and then, should questions arise, use the written text as a backup.

Deer Fence Installation Videos
Written Deer Fence Installation Instructions

How to Cut Installation Costs:

Email us or phone us (508-888-8305) for advice on how to sharply reduce installation costs.