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A Mild Deer Repellent: Warning the Deer Away

Preventing Deer From Making Contact with Deer Fence using Flags

For your deer fence to be effective, as noted earlier, it needs to be practically invisible to deer. But you don’t want deer to bump into it at twilight and then decide to charge this invisible object, because that may break even the strongest polypropylene deer fence. Nor do you want them to run into the fence and begin to explore it, because that makes them more likely to become familiar with it and become comfortable probing its defenses. Instead you would like the fence to act in advance as a deer repellent.

To get a mild deer repellent effect, it’s a good idea to warn the deer off with a danger signal that acts as a deer repellent and gives them the fence’s approximate (but not precise) location. Do this by putting strips of white surveyor’s tape ("warning flags") on the deer fence. Place each strip about waist high (definitely not over 4 feet high) and tie one end to the fence with a knot, arranging things so that the other end hangs downward for about a foot on the outside of the fence, which will allow it to blow freely in the wind. Two of these deer repellent “flags” should be placed roughly in the middle of each fence section (between each pair of posts).

What this does is create a highly visible sign (a visual deer repellent) that mimics the white-tailed deer’s raised white tail–this is a natural danger signal for this species that says, in essence, “get away”. These flags will show roughly where the “invisible” fence runs, but so long as the markers are placed no higher than 4 feet above the ground, they will reveal nothing about the deer fence’s height. Far from being incidental or optional add-ons, these markers are an important part of any deer fence–especially in the first few months after the fence is installed. After that, if one wishes to remove them for reasons of appearance (once the deer have become accustomed to the fence) they can be taken off.