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  • Access Gate, 3'W x 7'H with Outer Support Frame

    Pedestrian Deer Fence Gate, 3 x 7 Feet with Outer Support Frame
    • Product ID: GT-AC-3W-7H

      1-3/8 inch vertical pipes for sides of gate door (2)
      1-3/8 inch horizontal pipes for top and bottom of gate door (2)
      1-3/8 inch horizontal center pipe for gate door (1)
      Corner elbows for gate door (4)
      End clamps for attaching horizontal center pipe to gate door (2)

      1-5/8 inch x 9-foot gate support posts (2)
      1-5/8 inch frame bar to connect the two support posts at the top (1)
      Corner elbows for attaching frame bar to top of gate support posts (2)

      1-5/8 inch fork latch assemblies (2)
      1-5/8 inch male hinges (2)
      1-3/8 inch female hinges (2)
      Self-locking ties for attaching fencing to gate posts and door (50)
      Bolt, nut, and washer sets (8)
      Hardware pack (2 carriage bolts, 16 self-tapping screws)
      Monofilament line with turnbuckle for tensioning corners of gate door (2)
      1/8 inch wire clamps (U-bolt cable clamps) for clamping the monofilament line (2)

      Our Price: $199.95
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