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This page lists some accessories (a manual post driver, support wire, earth anchors, zip-lock ties, and a polyfilm weed barrier) that may prove useful with your kit. You can reach all the kits in this catalog by using the menu below. If you’d like to know more about our kits, visit the about our kits page. If you'd like some guidance in choosing a kit, go to our how to choose a kit page. Or if you'd like to get a gate, visit the gate pages in our main product listings.


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Kit Accessories

A manual post driver for installing deer fence posts                

Kit Accessories


Manual Post Driver: Use this to install both angle-iron posts and round posts without drive sleeves. Be sure that anyone helping to steady the post does NOT put his or her hands within reach of the driver, because the descending driver can seriously injure hands.


PVC-coated Steel Tie Wire (Top Support Wire): We provide this wire with all our metal hexagrid fence kits. It isn't commonly needed for polypropylene fences less than 500 feet long. However, you may want it if your fence is likely to be hit by falling tree branches or if you would like to make it a bit straighter looking along the top. Plan on tightening the tie wire manually, using runs less than 80 feet long so that you can do this easily, and attaching the wire to the top of the fencing with one zip-lock tie (see below) or hog-ring staple every 1.5 feet. 

Earth anchors: These anchors are used to counter sideways stresses caused by snow loads, falling tree limbs, deer impacts, etc. They aren't generally needed on short (less than 200-foot) fences. We provide 8 of them with each 200, 300, or 330-foot kit (2 for each corner so that the earth anchor cables can be kept within the fence line, with the anchors being attached to the corner approach posts instead of the corner posts). If you get a long kit you should probably get two additional anchors for each gate and also two additional anchors for each additional corner if the fence will have more than four corners. If you get a short (100, 150, or 165-foot) kit but anticipate successive heavy snow loads you can't remove, get one earth anchor per corner, plan on screwing the anchor into the ground three to six feet off the end of the corner, and run the strong attachment wire from the earth anchor's handle (at the soil line) to the brace band or hole at the top of your corner post.Then attach one of the little white flags that come in the kit to this wire so that people will not run into it.


Strong Nylon Zip-lock Ties: If you are getting a supplemental top support wire (see above), attach it to the top of your fencing with these strong (120-pound strength) zip ties. Plan on using 1 tie every 1.5 feet.

Weed Barrier: This plastic mulch (thin black polyfilm, 3 x 50 feet per roll) is a gardening godsend. That's because it is much stronger and longer lasting that landscape cloth, and also much cheaper. If you want rain to get through, pierce it with a gardening tool as you lay it down. We provide this with all our seasonally removable kits to prevent grass and weeds from growing into the fence. However, it's worth using with other kits if you want to keep grass and weeds down along the fence line simply to make lawn mowing easier. Weight it down with little stones to keep if from being windblown as you install it, and then cover it with an inch or so of wood chips of pine bark mulch to protect it from the sun's UV rays. Thus protected it will last almost forever.

Black poly film 3 x 50 feet, 1.3 mils for Deer Fencing: Learn More
Prod. ID: 14-36
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $5.98
5 - 9 $5.68
10+ $5.38


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