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This page lists all our seasonally removable polypropylene deer fence kits. You can reach all the kits in this catalog by using the menu below. If you’d like to know more about our kits, visit the about our kits page. If you'd like some guidance in choosing a kit, go to our how to choose a kit page. If you'd like to buy some kit accessories (manual post driver, top support wire, extra zip ties, or a weed barrier) browse this catalog's kit accessories page. Or if you'd like to get a gate, visit the gate pages in our main product listings.


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Polypropylene Kits (Basic)
Polypropylene Kits (Seasonally Removable)
Polypropylene Kits (with Rodent Barrier, Some with Extra Height)
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Seasonally Removable Polypropylene Kits

If you'd like a poly fence, don't have a big rabbit or woodchuck problem, and would like to remove the fence in the off-season, get one of these kits They come with weed barriers to prevent grass and weeds from getting entangled in the fence bottom during the growing season. All their posts sit in drive sleeves, so that the posts can simply be lifted out when the fence is retired and then reinserted in the spring. And they come with little plugs to put into the drive sleeves when the posts are removed, so that water won't get into the sleeves. One needs to realize that rolling and unrolling tough poly once a year will reduce its life somewhat (the amount varies from fence to fence), but if you want a seasonally removable fence and are willing to impose a bit of wear and tear on the poly, this is the fence for you.

These kits make deer fences 7 feet tall and come in lengths of 100, 165, and 330 feet. The longer ones come either with Heavy Duty (strong) polypropylene or Extra Strength (stronger) polypropylene.


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