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This second page of our kit catalog lists all our basic polypropylene kits, these "basic" kits being ones that are not designed to be seasonally removable and that have no rodent barrier. You can reach all the kits in this catalog by using the menu below. If you’d like to know more about our kits, visit the about our kits page. If you'd like some guidance in choosing a kit, go to our how to choose a kit page. If you'd like to buy some kit accessories (manual post driver, top support wire, extra zip ties, or a weed barrier) browse this catalog's kit accessories page. Or if you'd like a gate (not included in the kits), visit the gate pages in our main product listings.


Metal Hexagrid Kits
Polypropylene Kits (Basic)
Polypropylene Kits (Seasonally Removable)
Polypropylene Kits (with Rodent Barrier, Some with Extra Height)
Kit Accessories


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Basic Polypropylene Kits

If you want a really affordable deer fence kit, get one of these. The deer won't walk through it because we use only professional grades of polypropylene made for deer fencing with 80 or 110 grams of polypropylene per square meter and tested breaking strengths of 650+ or 750+ pounds per linear foot, the best and most cost-effective polypropylene deer fencing money can buy.

So if you have relatively light deer pressure, don't have big rabbit or woodchuck problems, don't need a seasonably removable fence, and are seeking a really affordable fence that works well, get one of these basic kits. You'll be glad you did. Please note that gates are not included. These kits make fences 7 feet tall, which is all the height one needs to keep out deer. Because the fencing material is 7.5 feet wide, this allows 6 inches to be folded out and staked down at the bottom--a feature of all our deer fences. And while the deer won't try to jump a 7-foot fence just to get to browse, they invariably try to nose under it -- which makes our fences far more reliable than deer fences without this bottom fold.

Basic Poly Kits with Angle-iron Posts

Angle-iron posts are good cost-effective posts that need a little maintenance (you need to spray any rust spots with rust-proofing paint once a year) and have a farm/ranch look that goes fine with many vegetable gardens. If you want slightly more expensive posts that need no maintenance and look well in residential yards or estate settings, get a kit with round metal posts (see below). 

Basic Poly Kits with Round Black Metal Posts and Caps

These kits' black round posts need no maintenance and look well in residential or estate settings. Those in 165 and 330-foot lengths come either with Heavy Duty ("strong") or Extra Strength ("stronger") fencing. Both of these are professional grades of deer fencing that will keep out any deer not determined to break in. If you think your deer are really determined to break in, get a metal hexagrid fence.



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