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About Our Kits: Why You Should Buy from Us - Deer Fence Height

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More on Deer Fence Height

A mature white-tail can jump between 12 and 15 feet into the air. But it won't do so unless it's panicked. That's because it's not really sure of its landing place, and a deer with a broken leg has slight chance of survival. So Nature tells it not to do it, and being a creature of habit it obeys.

We took our initial 7-foot cue from a leading professional installer, a deer fence expert with over 30 years' experience, who always installs a 7-foot fence unless the customer insists otherwise. And we have good evidence to back him up. When we started this website in 2001 we featured "anti-jumping insurance," posts and lines for extending the effective height of a deer exclusion fence up to 3 feet. Many customers buying regular 7-foot fences from us asked for it; but we advised them to put their regular fences up first, see if they needed the extenders, and call us back. They took our advice and installed the fence without extenders. As for calling back, Guess what?  Nobody ever did.

That's why nearly all of our many kits are 7 feet tall. We offer a smattering of 7.5 and 8-foot kits because some people really want them; and while they cost a bit more, they don't do any harm. But we don't sell 6-footers because they are prone to occasional failure. Instead we focus on the 7-foot height that is the gold standard in the trade.

Most deer fencing, both metal hexagrid and assorted professional poly grades of deer fencing, comes in 7.5 foot widths. That means you can protect the fence bottom with a staked-down 6-inch bottom fold and still make a 7-foot fence. And since the deer really want to go under the fence, not over it, you can protect the bottom well, still have the ideal 7-foot height, and save money by not having to build a taller fence. It’s the best possible solution.

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