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Deer Fence Information: Introduction
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Planning a Deer Fence
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Welcome to McGregor's Deer Fence Information Trove

This site contains a wealth of information about deer and fences.

  • Facts: We start in the Deer Facts Section with information about deer behavior with implications for deer fences. This section covers things like why deer jump or don't, what motivates deer to challenge fences, their predilection for going under rather than over fences, how deer tick populations relate to deer and fences, and how a fence's setting will influence how deer and the fence interact.
  • Options: Proceeding in logical order, the next section lays out Deer Fence Options. What is the best height? What are the advantages of polypropylene as compared to metal hexagrid deer fencing? How can one obtain poly fence rolls less than 100 feet long? How might one combine various types of fencing? What posts and post spacing should be used? Should a deer fence be braced against snow loads and falling branches? What tools are needed to install it?  Should one use cement footings? And so forth.
  • Planning: Once these things have been considered, you're ready to plan your fence. So we have a Planning Section. This provides guidance for selecting fence rolls, posts, etc., and putting them in a shopping cart product by product. The completed list can then be saved and used for planning, or it can be used to make a purchase. Or else, if you prefer, you can have us use your basic preferences to provide you with a free quote and parts list that shows everything that you will need to build your fence.
  • Installation: Once you have your materials on hand, or at least on the drawing board, either you or someone you connect with will need to install the fence. But professional deer fence installers are expensive, and in many places they don't exist. So it's worth finding a local landscaper or handyman willing to learn new stuff. He (or she) can learn to do a fine installation job easily by watching our deer fence installation videos, which take less than an hour to view in their entirety. Despite their brevity, these videos are very thorough. So they can do the installation teaching job all by themselves. However, it's also worth scanning our written installation insructions, a text of about 5,000 words, with a detailed table of contents that makes for easy browsing. These written instructions don't need to be read fully, but they are a good reference and they provide a good backup for answering any questions that arise.

So welcome to our information pages. Whether you buy from us or not, we hope you use them productively and enjoy them.


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