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Other Parts and Tools for mcgregor outdoor cat enclosures



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Drive Cap for Cat Fence Post Sleeves

If you are using our 1-3/8 inch round metal posts with drive sleeves, put this drive cap on top of the sleeve before driving it down with a sledge hammer to avoid damaging the top of the sleeve. The drive cap is a re-usable tool that can be counted on to drive in 20 or more sleeves. For a drive cap used with sleeves for 1-5/8 inch round posts visit our deer fence website.

ground stake for securing fencing to the ground

Ground Stakes

Use these 12-inch kinked metal ground stakes to secure the bottom flap of your cat enclosure fence to the ground, placing one stake about every 18 inches along the fence line. For a volume discount on a bundle of 250 stakes, visit our deer fence website.

Ground Stakes for Staking down Deer and Dog Fences, Bundle of 30
Prod. ID: 18-01
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $23.95
5 - 9 $22.95
10+ $21.95

Installation Instructions

We include installation instructions with every kit sent out -- for our regular cat corral kits, the corral kits with snow protection, and the cat fence conversion kit. In addition, we make the installation instructions for all but the cat fence conversion kit available here on this website. To view these instructions, which you are welcome to print out, click here.

Wall Mounts

A pair of these mounts can serve to attach an extender arm onto the wooden side of a building or wooden post. They are used in our conversion kits for this purpose. Screws not included. 

Cat Fence Wall Mounts for Posts: Low Cost Solution: Learn More

Zip-lock Ties

These black 8-inch nylon ties have a breaking strength of 120 pounds and are suitable for attaching both polypropylene and metal hexagrid fencing to 1-3/8 inch round metal posts. However, since the little box on the end of the tie does not start grabbing until 2 inches have passed through, use our longer 14-inch ties (available on the deer fence website) to attach fencing to wider posts.


These galvanized steel U-nails can be used to conveniently attach fencing (including metal mesh fencing) to wooden fences in a way that makes them reliably cat-proof.

U-nails, 1.25-inch Barbed Galvanized U-nails, 1 Pound Bag
Prod. ID: 17-02
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $6.75
5 - 9 $6.41
10+ $6.07