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  • Kit: Metal Hexagrid Deer Fence, 7 x 100 with Round Steel Posts

    Deer Fence Kit, Metal Hex Fencing, 7 x 100 Ft: Keep Out Deer: Learn More
    • Product ID: 19-M-100
    • The metal hexagrid deer fencing in this kit has very low visibility but can take more punishment and lasts longer than polypropylene. Expected life around 20 years. Cannot be holed by rabbits or woodchucks and stops all deer penetrations. Gate not included. Finished height and length is 7 x 100 feet. This kit also makes an outstanding swimming pool safety fence. Kit parts are as follows:

      100 feet of metal hexagrid deer fencing 7.5 feet tall (14-11)
      8 nine-foot round posts with caps (one of 15-03K-9FT-1 and one of 15-03K-9FT-7)
      8 brace bands with nuts, bolts, and washers (15-10-1)
      110 feet of black pvc-coated metal tie wire (16-021-110)
      100 eight-inch stainless steel zip-lock ties (17-11)
      100 eight-inch nylon zip-lock ties (17-04)
      30 ground stakes (18-01)
      1 bag of 20 warning flags (18-03A)
      Installatiion instructions (INST-01J3) 

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