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  • Kit: Rodent-proof Extra Strong Poly Deer Fence, 7.5 x 300 Feet with Angle-iron Posts and a Rodent Barrier

    Deer Fence Kit, 7.5 x 300 Ft, Extra Strong Poly, Rodent Barrier: Learn More
    • Product ID: 19-PRB-ES-A-7.5x300
    • This is a 7.5 x 300 foot deer fence kit with angle iron (steel) posts and extra strong professional grade polypropylene fencing. Gate not included. The kit comes with a rodent barrier (a 2-foot strip of metal hexagrid fencing) that prevents small animals from gnawing holes that deer commonly enlarge to gain entrance to a garden. Recommended for garden protection.  

      Fence parts in this kit:

      1)      330 x 7.5 foot roll of Extra Strength Reinforced polypropylene deer fencing (14-76D)

      2)      2 rolls of metal hexagrid fencing (two rolls of 2 x 150-foot rodent barrier, 14-08)

      3)      20 ten-foot black angle-iron deer fence posts (twenty 15-01B1)

      4)      8 earth anchors to counter sideways stress (2 per corner to avoid having any cables hanging outside the fence line) (eight of 16-12)

      5)      Earth anchor attachment wire, 100 feet (02-07HT1)

      6)      400 eight-inch zip-lock ties (four bags of 17-04)

      7)      60 foot-long galvanized ground stakes (2 bundles of 18-01)

      8)      50 warning flags (18-03)

      9)      Installation instructions

      Our Price: $1,046.05
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