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  • Kit: Metal Hexagrid Deer Fence, 7.5 x 300 ft, Round Steel Posts, Drive Sleeves, Bracing, All Metal Attachments

    Deer Fence Kit, Metal Hex Fencing, 7.5 x 300 Ft: Keep Out Deer: Learn More
    • Product ID: 19-N-300
    • The metal hexagrid fencing in this kit has very low visibility but can take more punishment and lasts longer than polypropylene. Expected life roughly 20 years. Cannot be holed by rabbits or woodchucks and stops all deer penetrations. Gate not included. Finished height and length of this fence is 7.5 x 300 feet. This kit also makes an outstanding swimming pool safety fence.

      Features of This Kit:
      (1) A 6-inch bottom fold, staked down, that prevents deer from getting UNDER the fence -- which is the way most deer fence penetrations happen.
      (2) A top support wire that strengthens and improves the appearance of the fence.
      (3) Long-lasting hog ring staples and stapler for attaching the top wire to the top of the fencing.
      (4) Round metal posts with drive sleeves and caps for a fence with a finished height of 7.5 feet.
      (5) Brace bands serving as anchor points to prevent your fencing from slipping down the posts (a common problem if these are not included).
      (6) Bracing with earth anchors arranged so that no attachment cables hang outside the fence line.
      (7) Black stainless steel zip ties good for 20+ years (far better than nylon ties with an expected life of 5-6 years).

      Parts in this Kit (19-N-300):
      300 feet of  metal hexagrid deer fencing 8 feet tall (3 rolls of 14-11)
      21 round posts with drive sleeves and caps for a 7.5-foot fence (3 of 15-03E-7.5FT-7)
      21 brace bands with nuts, bolts, and washers (21 of 15-10-1)
      1 drive cap for installing post sleeves (15-03C)
      350 feet of black pvc-coated metal tie wire (16-021-350)
      200 eight-inch stainless steel zip-lock ties (2 bundles of 17-11)
      1 hog ring stapler (17-16)
      2500 hog ring staples (17-17)
      100 feet of 12.5 gauge attachment wire for earth anchors (02-07HT1)
      8 earth anchors (8 of 16-12)
      60 ground stakes (2 bundles of 18-01)
      1 bag of 50 warning flags (18-03)
      Installatiion instructions (INST-01J3) 

      Our Price: $1,779.95
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