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A sapling eaten by deer

Heavy Duty Reinforced and Extra Strength Reinforced Fencing (Polypropylene)


This deer fencing is only slightly more visible than Tenax's least visible C-flex grade and it offers a couple of advantages. It's apt to resist UV breakdown better than C-flex because the poly is thicker in the middle of the strands. And it provides an extra reinforcing horizontal strand along the bottom, making it easier to stake down and harder for deer to find a way under the fence.

Regarding strength, Heavy Duty Reinforced Deer Fencing has a tested breaking strength of 650+ pounds per linear foot and Extra Strength Reinforced has a tested breaking strength of 750+ pounds per linear foot. These strengths are standard for properly made polypropylene deer fencing with 80 and 110 grams of poly per square meter. Despite occasional claims to the contrary, because of the nature of polypropylene they are unlikely to be significantly exceeded anywhere. Estimated life for the Heavy Duty Reinforced Fencing is 10 years, while that for the Extra Strength Reinforced Fencing is 10+ years. (Despite claims occasionally made elsewhere, polypropylene deer fencing containing these amounts of polypropylene is unlikely to last much beyond 10 years.) 

Color - black; UV barrier - yes; Mesh size - 1.75 x 2 inches; Maximum height and length variation per roll - 5 per cent. For free samples contact us by phone (508-888-8305) or email


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