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A deer fence with polypropylene fencing and warning flags

Introduction: Polypropylene, Metal Hexagrid, and Welded Wire Fence Rolls

We offer two leading kinds of deer fencing: polypropylene fencing, which is the more traditional “invisible” deer fencing used today and metal hexagrid deer fencing, which is stronger, longer-lasting, less visible, and more elegant, but also more expensive. In addition we offer black welded wire fencing. This is even stronger than our metal hexagrid fencing; but being considerably more visible and less able to cope with grade changes, it is used mostly for dog fences, swimming pool fences, and elk fences. If you are interested in any of these, click on the appropriate link to find out more. 

    Metal Hexagrid Deer Fencing

    Metal Hexagrid Deer Fence

    Metal hexagrid deer fencing is essentially sturdy 20-gauge chicken-wire with a 1-inch mesh that has been galvanized and has received a UV-resistant black pvc coating that adds to its life and reduces its visibility. (People installing swimming pools in Connecticut and New York should know that this product also meets the building code requirements for pool fence in those states.)

    This is the perfect fence to end all deer penetrations. Less visible, longer lasting, and a great deal stronger than polypropylene deer fencing, its lower reaches are invulnerable to woodchucks, rabbits, and deer; it can take repeated deer blows to its mid-section; and, should jumping occur, it can be augmented with a standard accessory that ends the jumping problem (see Deer Fence Installation: Anti-Jumping Insurance and products: item 15-04). The expected life of the metal hex is 20-plus years. A deer fence expert we work with who installs metal hexagrid fencing in our area tells us that customers are not just satisfied with its appearance and effectiveness, they are delighted. For more details on metal hexagrid deer fence, see Options: Metal Hexagrid Deer Fencing.

    Metal Hex Deer Fencing, 7.5x100 Ft Roll: Strong, Reliable: Learn More
    Prod. ID: 14-11
    Our Prices:
    1 - 4 $239.95
    5 - 9 $227.95
    10+ $215.96

    Other Heights of Metal Hexagrid Fencing

    People who have had polypropylene deer fences for a time may wish to repair damage done by rabbits, woodchucks, and deer to lower portions of the fence by applying "skirts" of metal hexagrid fencing in widths of 2, 3, and 4 feet. Others have found the 4, 5, and 6 foot heights handy for other jobs such as containing dogs (see Top Dog Fences). This fencing will meet pool code requirements in most localities.

    6 x 150 Ft Metal Hex Roll for Dog, Pool, and Deer  Fences: Learn More.
    Prod. ID: 14-16
    Our Prices:
    1 - 4 $249.95
    5 - 9 $237.45
    10+ $224.96
    Metal Hex Rodent barrier for deer fencing, 2 x 100 ft: Effective: Learn More.
    Prod. ID: 14-08A
    Our Prices:
    1 - 4 $78.95
    5 - 9 $75.00
    10+ $71.06
    Metal Hex Rodent barrier for deer fencing, 2 x 150 ft: Effective: Learn More.
    Prod. ID: 14-08
    Our Prices:
    1 - 4 $96.95
    5 - 9 $92.10
    10+ $87.26
    Metal Hex Rodent barrier for deer fencing, 3 x 100 ft: Effective: Learn More.
    Prod. ID: 14-09
    Our Prices:
    1 - 4 $124.95
    5 - 9 $118.70
    10+ $112.46
    4 x 150 Ft Metal Hex Roll for Dog Fences and Pool Fenxces: Learn More.
    Prod. ID: 14-10
    Our Prices:
    1 - 4 $179.95
    5 - 9 $170.95
    10+ $161.96
    5 x 150 Ft Metal Hex Roll for Dog Fences and Pool Fenxces: Learn More.
    Prod. ID: 14-15
    Our Prices:
    1 - 4 $199.95
    5 - 9 $189.95
    10+ $179.96

    Raising Your Fence's Height

    You can raise the effective height of any barrier fence over 4 feet tall by adding strong monofilament lines (items 16-011 or 16-01) at 6-inch intervals until you reach the desired height. For example, if you are adding monofilament lines to produce a 7-foot deer fence with 6-foot metal hexagrid fencing, add monofilament lines to the 5.5-foot finished metal hex fence until a height of 7 feet is reached by placing additional runs of monofilament line (11-gauge and 8-gauge will both work) at 6 feet, 6.5 feet, and 7 feet. If a run is very short (less than 50 feet), metal tie wire (item 16-021) may be substituted for the nylon monofilament.

    Secure the line to angle-iron posts with zip-lock ties, to round metal posts with brace bands and zip-lock ties, and to wood posts with U-nails. For details see Installing Monofilament Line and Installing Metal Tie Wire.

    Tie Wire, 350 Feet, 13.5 Gauge Steel, Black PVC Coated
    Prod. ID: 16-021-350
    Our Prices:
    1 - 4 $60.95
    5 - 9 $57.90
    10+ $54.86

    Related items: monofilament line terminators and tighteners, zip-lock ties, and U-nails

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