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A deer fence with polypropylene fencing and warning flags

Polypropylene and Metal Hexagrid Fence Rolls

We offer two kinds of deer fence: polypropylene fence, which is the more traditional “invisible” deer fence used today and metal hexagrid deer fence, which is stronger, longer-lasting, equally "invisible," and more elegant, but also more expensive.

    Polypropylene Deer Fencing

    All the polypropylene deer fencing we list will keep out deer. All has a 1.75 x 2 inch mesh; all is nearly invisible at a distance; and all has at least the necessary 80 grams of polypropylene per square meter.

    There are two basic types: Round strand fencing, made by Tenax, is referred to here as Heavy Duty (Tenax C-flex), Extra Strength (Tenax C-flex P), Maximum Strength (Tenax C-flex HD), and Tenax Elk and Large Animal Fencing. The Heavy Duty (80 g per square meter) is marginally less visible than the Extra Strength and Maximum Strength fencing, while Elk and Large Animal Fencing is significantly more visible than any of the others. None of this fencing has a bottom reinforced with extra horizontal strands.

    Our other basic type, by a U.S. maker, is extruded; so its strands are not quite so round and very slightly more visible than those of Tenax C-flex, the lightest Tenax grade. We refer to the two grades of this material as Heavy Duty Reinforced (80 g per meter) and Extra Strength Reinforced (110 g per meter). These materials are as strong as their Tenax counterparts (C-flex and C-flex P), and they offer two advantages: Since the poly is distributed more evenly along the mesh, rather than being bunched up where strands cross, it seems likely to resist the sun's UV radiation better. Also, the bottom edge of this fencing is reinforced with one or more additional strands of polypropylene, making it easier to stake down and more resistant to deer doing what they always like to do--nose their way under the fence bottom.

    How to Find It

    Use the menu below to reach all our polypropylene and metal hexagrid fencing. Please note that the two Heavy Duty grades ("Tenax C-flex" and "Reinforced", both with 80 grams of poly per square meter) are roughly comparable, and so are the two Extra Strength grades (both with 110 grams per square meter). Tenax's "Maximum Strength" (C-flex HD, with 150 grams of poly per square meter) has no bottom-reinforced counterpart. It is very strong but also quite expensive.

    Metal Hexagrid Fencing:

    Tenax Deer Fencing:

    Reinforced Polypropylene Deer Fencing:

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