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A deer fence with polypropylene fencing and warning flags

Polypropylene and Metal Hexagrid Fence Rolls

We offer two kinds of deer fence: polypropylene fence, which is the more traditional “invisible” deer fence used today and metal hexagrid deer fence, which is stronger, longer-lasting, equally "invisible," and more elegant, but also more expensive.

    Polypropylene Deer Fencing

    Tenax's round-strand fencing has a proven track record and is less visible than comparable Advantage and Advantage Plus extruded (flat-strand) products. The two types have about the same strength and both serve as standard products for deer fence professionals everywhere.

    How to Find It

    Use the menu below to reach all our polypropylene and metal hexagrid fencing. Please note that the "Heavy Duty" round-strand (Tenax C-flex) and "Advantage" flat-strand poly products are roughly comparable, and so are the "Extra Strength" (C-flex P) round-strand and "Advantage Plus" flat-strand products. We have no flat-strand counterpart to Tenax's "Maximum Strength" (C-flex HD) fencing, the strongest polypropylene deer fencing on the market.

    Metal Hexagrid Fencing:

    Traditional Round-strand Tenax Deer Fencing:

    Advantage Flat-strand Polypropylene Deer Fencing:

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