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Poly Deer Fence secured at the bottom

Deer Fencing: Polypropylene and Metal Hexagrid Fence

We offer two kinds of deer fence: polypropylene fence, which is the more traditional “invisible” deer fence used today and metal hexagrid deer fence, which is stronger, longer-lasting, equally "invisible," and more elegant, but also more expensive.

Polypropylene Deer Fencing

Tenax's round-strand deer fencing has a proven track record and is less visible than comparable extruded (flat-strand) products. On the other hand, the extruded deer fencing that we offer has extra strands near the bottom and so holds the ground better than comparable round-strand products.

Use the menu below to reach all our polypropylene deer fencing. Please note that the "Heavy Duty" round-strand and flat-strand products are roughly comparable, and so are the "Extra Strength" round-strand and flat-strand products. We have no flat-strand counterpart to Tenax's "Maximum Strength" (C-flex HD) deer fencing, the strongest polypropylene deer fencing on the market.



Traditional Round-strand Tenax Deer Fencing:

Flat-strand (Extruded) Polypropylene Deer Fencing:

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