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  • Electric Fence Charger: AC-powered: Powerfields PF-AC-100; 1 Joule

    Electric Fence Charger, AC, Powerfields PF-AC-100: On Sale Here
    • Product ID: 01-PWR-AC1J
    • The modern, well-designed, and effective AC-powered PF-AC-100 electric fence charger is suitable for controlling all dogs and is also suited to controlling livestock and excluding predators (including deer) on short to medium electric fences.


      The PF-AC-100 plugs into a 110-volt house current outlet and displays a large, highly visible flashing light to show that the charger is working properly. Contained in a tough, impact-resistant ABS case with easy to grip power terminal knobs, the charger should be installed indoors or in a dry place providing some shelter from the weather. The PF-AC-100 comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects and lightning damage.

      Maker’s Specifications:

      • Power source: 110-volts AC
      • Coverage: Up to 80 acres
      • Peak stored energy: 1.2 joules
      • Peak output energy: 1 joule
      • Peak open circuit voltage: 8.7 kilovolts
      • Peak voltage with a 500 ohm load: 5.4 kilovolts
      • Power usage: 2 watts

      Our Price: $98.49
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