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  • Electric Fence Charger: Battery-powered: Zareba Yellow Jacket (0.25 Joules)

    Electric Fence Charger, DC, Zareba Yellow Jacket: Lowest Price: On Sale
    • Product ID: 01-23
    • The 0.25 joule weather-proof and portable Yellow Jacket is great for controlling dogs. This electric fence charger can run on 4 D-cell (flashlight) batteries for over a month. Fully portable, the weather-resistant Yellow Jacket can be clamped directly onto a temporary electric fence system's ground rod. Effective at containing dogs and protecting gardens from small animals, the Yellow Jacket also has a well-established history of effectively powering temporary horse paddocks and corrals, and of protecting campsites from bears and other predators. The unit comes with instructions and a one-year manufacturer's warranty covering defects and lightning damage. A light on the Yellow Jacket indicates when it is operating properly. Batteries not included. Voltage data: When powered by four D cells or a 6-volt battery the Yellow jacket can be set to maintain 3500 volts on a perfectly connected electric fence with no weed burden. If a minor weed burden provides a 400 ohm path to the ground, the maximum voltage falls to 2900 volts, which is still enough to reliably shock horses. Other animals: Animals do not understand electricity, so there is a reasonable chance they will be frightened off by even a very weak shock if they run into it for the first time. That's why campers seeking to keep away foxes, coyotes, wolves and bears commonly carry the Yellow Jacket or one of our other chargers that are powered by a few flashlight batteries.


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