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  • Electric Fence Charger, Fi-Shock SS-2DX, Battery-powered

    Electric Fence Charger, DC, Fi-Shock SS-2DX: Effective and Safe
    • Product ID: 01-FIS-B2D
    • This small electric fence charger, powered by two D-cells (flashlight batteries, not included), does a fine job deterring garden animals (rabbits, woodchucks, etc.) and all but the most determined dogs. It works best with 16 to 14 gauge aluminum or steel electric fence wire and does not perform well with polywire or other polyconductors.


      The SS-2DX can operate for well over a month with two D-cells. It has a weatherproof case and a mounting stake for easy installation. A small pulsing indicator light shows that the charger, which comes with a 1-year limited warranty, is working properly.

      Maker’s Specifications:

      • Power source: 2 D cells
      • Range: up to a mile with a single metal wire
      • Output voltage: 7.5 kilovolts +/- 20%


      Our Price: $61.12
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