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Our Dog Fence Posts

In our opinion, the round metal posts offered here are the best dog fence posts available. However, should you prefer some other type (angle-iron posts, T-posts, U-posts, wood posts, etc.) these are all compatible with our fencing, top support lines, attachers, ground stakes, digging barriers, and braces.

The posts listed below, the same as those in our kits, are handsome round steel posts 1-3/8 and 1-5/8 inches in diameter that are galvanized and then coated with black pvc. All come with caps (the 1-3/8 inch posts come with flat vinyl caps, the 1-5/8 inch posts come with metal dome caps); and all look well in residential and estate settings.

These posts should be set 2 feet into the ground, something done most easily with a manual post driver, and for dog fence purposes should be installed 10 to 15 feet apart. We recommend putting a brace band at the top of  each post to prevent the fencing from sliding down the post. Also, we recommend that customers living in snow-prone areas use braces at corners, ends, and gates to help deal with snow loading. This is especially advisable if the fence is tall. In general, use the 1-3/8 inch diameter posts with polypropylene fencing in most areas, and use the stronger 1-5/8 inch posts with metal hexagrid fencing and also with tall (over 5 foot) poly fences in snowy areas. Because posts cost less in bundles, we offer each type as both single posts and bundles of seven. For taller posts and larger bundles, visit the post pages of our Invisible Deer Fence website.


1-3/8 Inch Posts

These posts work well with polypropylene fences short enough (less than 500 feet long) so that no top rail is needed. However, if your fence is tall (5 feet or more) and you anticipate heavy snows, it is best to use the heavier 1-5/8 inch posts. Also use the 1-5/8 inch posts if you plan to include a top rail on your fence.

5.5-foot Posts for 3.5-foot Fences

Post + Cap for Dog Fences, 1-3/8 In x 5.5 Ft:: Attractive: Learn More
Prod. ID: 15-03J-5.5FT-1
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $17.95
5 - 9 $17.05
10+ $16.16

6.5-foot Posts for 4.5-foot Fences

7.67-foot Posts for 5.5-foot Fences


1-5/8 Inch Posts

These posts work well with both polypropylene and metal hexagrid fencing to produce a handsome fence. We recommend them whenever there is any doubt about the right post to use.

5.5-foot Posts for 3.5-foot Fences

6-foot Posts for 4-foot Fences

7-foot Posts for 5-foot Fences

7.5-foot Posts for 5.5-foot Fences

8-foot Posts for 6-foot Fences


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